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  • New plafonds with microwave sensor
    The commercial offer of our company has been enriched today with four new models of plafonds, equipped with microwave motion sensors. These are TELMA C E27 MVS (Ideus code 04333), TERY C E27 MVS (Ideus code 04334), EDYTOR LED C MVS 15W NW, (Ideus code 04335) and EDYTOR LED C MVS 21W NW (Ideus code 04336). TELMA C E27 MVS is a product designed for indoor use. The plafond is equipped...
  • STIG MVS, MINGE LED and RAMA now available
    As of today, brand new Strühm products are available for sale. These are the plafond STIG C E27 MVS (Ideus code 04158) led panel MINGE LED D 36W WHITE NW (Ideus code 04159) and frames that allow surface mounting of led panels RAMA MINGE 50 (Ideus code 04160) and RAMA HUGO/MINGE 65 (Ideus code 04163). STIG C E27 MVS can only be installed indoors. This product is equipped with...
  • Unique LAGUNA LED Plafonds
    Round LAGUNA 30/70 LED C 48W NW plafonds (Ideus code 04169) and square LAGUNA 30/70 LED D 48W NW plafonds (Ideus code 04170) are available for sale from today. Both models are 48W, the color of light in both products is neutral white, and the LEDs used as light sources emit a luminous flux of more than 3 000 lm. LAGUNA plafonders can be used only in interior spaces. They are dedicated...
  • PLANAR plafonders in new colors
    PLANAR LED product is familiar to our customers, as we have been offering it for a long time. PLANAR LED is a high-tightness (IP 54) outdoor plafond, available in 12W, 18W, 24W and 36W varieties. A distinctive feature of the PLANAR LED luminaire series is the decorative silver frame. Now the choice will be wider, as we are just introducing new 18W and 24W models with decorative...
  • ZEBRA - a new family of lighting fixtures
    ZEBRA to nowa rodzina opraw oświetleniowych, których sprzedaż rozpoczynamy w dniu dzisiejszym. Wszystkie wyroby serii ZEBRA wyposażone zostały w oprawkę GU10, pozwalającą na zainstalowanie wymiennego, popularnego źródła światła z trzonkiem GU10. W skład rodziny wchodzi oprawa sufitowa ZEBRA DWL GU10 BLACK/WHITE (kod Ideus 04210), oprawa do zainstalowania na szynoprzewodzie...
  • HOP and MORIS - new wall sconces
    Today we have introduced beautiful new wall sconces to the Ideus commercial offer. These are MORIS LED C 6W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04180), MORIS LED D 6W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04181), HOP LED C 10W BLACK/WHITE NW (Ideus code 04182) and HOP LED D 12W BLACK/WHITE NW (Ideus code 04183). The source of light in the new wall sconces are SMD LEDs giving a light color of neutral white. The...
  • New BRYZA LED floodlights
    BRYZA LED are the new floodlights that we start selling today. We will offer vandal-proof models without motion sensors: BRYZA LED 15W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04243), BRYZA LED 30W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04244) and BRYZA LED 50W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04245) as well as models equipped with a PIR type motion sensor: BRYZA LED S 15W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04246), BRYZA LED S 30W BLACK NW (Ideus...
  • DIOR family addition, new plafonders with sensor
    As previously announced, the range of DIOR light fixtures by Strühm is expanding with new models. Today, lighting fixtures designed for mounting on tracks are introduced: DIOR TRA GU10 WHITE/CHROME (Ideus code 04255), DIOR TRA GU10 BLACK/CHROME (Ideus code 04256), wall and ceiling luminaires: DIOR SPT GU10 WHITE/CHROME (Ideus code 04259), DIOR SPT GU10 BLACK/CHROME (Ideus code...
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