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  • New table lamps
    We are not slowing down - today we are introducing more novelties to our commercial offer. AMOR E14 WHITE (Ideus code 04101), IMBIR E14 WHITE (Ideus code 04102) and TOPIK E14 WHITE/BLACK (Ideus code 04103), as they are referred to, are table lamps equipped with an E14 socket. In the described products as a light source can be used lamps with E14 cap, with a maximum power of 25W....
  • New MONTE hermetic plafonds
    We are introducing another novelty to the commercial offer of our company. This time we offer you MONTE airtight plafonds in two varieties, differing from each other by the pattern applied on the transparent diffuser: MONTE 60 CLEAR I (Ideus code 04184) and MONTE 60 CLEAR D (Ideus code 04185). MONTE series products are equipped with an E27 socket, allowing you to mount a commonly...
  • PASO and PRYMUS - New luminaires over mirrors or paintings
    Two families of light fixtures, designed for installation over mirrors or paintings, are being introduced to our commercial offer today. The presented models should be installed indoors, but due to their increased resistance to dust and moisture (IP44), they can also be installed in places with higher humidity, such as bathrooms. The new products are: PASO LED 9W WHITE NW (Ideus...
  • New wall and ceiling luminaires SANA
    The SANA series of wall and ceiling light fixtures is another addition to our company's commercial offer. Starting today, models, in black or white, with a single reflector, will be available for sale: SANA GU10 1D WHITE (Ideus code 04141), SANA GU10 1D BLACK (Ideus code 04142), with two reflectors: SANA GU10 2L WHITE (Ideus code 04143), SANA GU10 2L BLACK (Ideus code 04144), with...
  • UZO - novelties in Ideus
    Today we start selling a brand new light source - UZO LED. Four models will be available: UZO LED CLEAR E14 1.3W WW (Ideus code 04064), UZO LED CLEAR E14 1.3W NW (Ideus code 04065), UZO LED MILKY E14 1.3W WW (Ideus code 04066) and UZO LED MILKY E14 1.3W NW (Ideus code 04067). The power of the new light source is only 1.3W. Types with transparent and frosted bulb will be available,...
  • Samuel and Regas – new desk lamps
    Today, the commercial offer of our company has been enriched with four models of desk lamps : Regas led white CCT (code Ideus 04171), Ragas led black CCT (code Ideus 04172), Samuel led white (code Ideus 04173) and Samuel led black (code Ideus 04174). All of the above the lamps have a maximum power of 9W. Both the Regas and Samuel Led series are equipped with 64 SMD Leds and power...
  • New Farna Led plafonds
    We present to you a new family of round Farna Led plafonds. It consist of Farna Led C 16W NW ( Ideus code 04155). Farna Led C 24W NW ( Ideus code 04156) and Farna led C 48W Nw (Ideus code 04157). The family of Farna led plafonds is unique due to the colours – a two- colours frame was used: black combined with oak. This solution will make Farna led look modern and will fit both...
  • New plafonds
    Today the commercial offer of our company has expanded again. This time we have enriched it with two families of completely new plafonds: ATUT LED C OAK 18W NW (Ideus code 04149), ATUT LED C WENGE 18W NW (Ideus code 04150), ATUT LED C OAK 24W NW (Ideus code 04151), ATUT LED C WENGE 24W NW (Ideus code 04152), ATUT LED C OAK 36W NW (Ideus code 04153) and ATUT LED C WENGE...
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