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  • ODYN C decorative rings
    We are introducing new models of decorative rings, designed to be installed in suspended ceilings. The new products are white ODYN C WHITE (Ideus code 04487), black ODYN C BLACK (Ideus code 04488), white/gold ODYN C WHITE/GOLDEN (Ideus code 04489) and black/gold ODYN C BLACK/GOLDEN (Ideus code 04490). The ODYN C family is made of aluminum, the products are designed for indoor use...
  • New lamps
    Today our commercial offer has been enriched with brand new models of desk lamps and the first floor lamp in our offer. Blue PESTO E27 BLUE (Ideus code 04426), pink PESTO E27 PINK (Ideus code 04427), blue LIDER E27 BLUE (Ideus code 04429), pink LIDER E27 PINK (Ideus code 04430), green LIDER E27 GREEN (Ideus code 04431), blue NOBEL E27 BLUE (Ideus code 04432) and pink NOBEL E27...
  • ROXANA in black
    For more than four years now we have been offering our customers decorative light fixtures of the ROXANA LED series, designed to be installed over paintings or mirrors. So far we have only offered models in the chrome variety, from now on models in black will also be available: ROXANA LED 5W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04468), ROXANA LED 13W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04469) and ROXANA LED 15W...
  • SANTOR LED 10W CW solar floodlight
    Another new product completes our commercial offer. This time it is a solar floodlight SANTOR LED 10W CW (Ideus code 04459). The power of the new product is 10W, while the luminous flux is as much as 1100 lm. In a solar-powered product, this is an excellent result. The light color of the LEDs, which are the light source in the new product, is cold white. SANTOR LED 10W CW is equipped...
  • New ASTON LED floodlights
    We are tirelessly trying to adapt our sales offer to market requirements. That's why there are so many new products we are launching. Today, another novelty - the ASTON LED family of outdoor floodlights. The series includes models without a motion sensor: ASTON LED 10W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04360), ASTON LED 20W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04361), ASTON LED 30W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04362),...
  • OLGA LED Plafonds in black color
    Plafonders of the OLGA LED series have been available to our customers for a long time. So far we have only offered models in white, but this will change, as today we are supplementing our portfolio with a variety in black. We will offer a round version: OLGA LED C 12W BLACK CCT (Ideus code 04406), OLGA LED C 18W BLACK CCT (Ideus code 04407), OLGA LED C 24W BLACK CCT (Ideus code...
  • New LED table lamps
    Today we start selling new models of table lamps by Strühm, using LEDs as a light source. The new products are ABI LED CRYSTAL WW CW (Ideus code 04403), DABI LED CRYSTAL WW CW (Ideus code 04404) HOLI LED CRYSTAL WW CW (Ideus code 04402) and BARON LED WHITE CCT (Ideus code 04412) and BARON LED BLACK CCT (Ideus code 04413).
  • New plafond SALMA C 3 x E27
    In our commercial offer you can find many models of plafonders equipped with LEDs integrated into the light fixture. This time, we would like to offer our customers SALMA C 3 x E27 plafondier (Ideus code 04405), with traditional three E27-type fixtures. This is the product we are introducing today. In SALMA C 3 x E27 fixture you can install three popular, interchangeable sources...
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