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  • TRYTON LED and TALON LED outdoor luminaires
    We start selling luminaires from the TRYTON LED series and the TALON LED series, dedicated to be installed indoors or outdoors. TRYTON LED L 11W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04168), TRYTON LED C 11W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04217), TRYTON LED SL 11W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04329) and TRYTON LED SC 11W BLACK NW (Ideus code 04330) are available in black only. They come in oval and round varieties,...
  • LOFTA wall and ceiling luminaires
    Today we introduce the LOFTA family of wall and ceiling luminaires to our commercial offer. The family includes LOFTA GU10 1C BLACK (Ideus code 04393), LOFTA GU10 2L BLACK (Ideus code 04394), LOFTA GU10 3L BLACK (Ideus code 04395), LOFTA GU10 4D BLACK (Ideus code 04396). The new products are equipped with a GU10 lampholder type, allowing the installation of an replaceable LED light...
  • TOGA LED table lamp
    We start selling TOGA LED WHITE CCT table lamps (Ideus code 04367) in white and TOGA LED BLACK CCT (Ideus code 04368) in black. The lights have a maximum power of 2 W. They have the function of smooth adjustment of brightness level and selection of one of three color temperatures: warm white, neutral white, cold white. The lights are equipped with a rechargeable battery, and can...
  • New plafonds NASTIA LED
    We are just introducing a brand new family of NASTIA LED plafonders to our product range. There will be four models available: NASTIA LED C 14W WHITE CCT (Ideus code 04383), NASTIA LED C 14W PINE CCT (Ideus code 04384), NASTIA LED C 18W WHITE CCT (Ideus code 04385) and NASTIA LED C 18W PINE CCT (Ideus code 04386). An important distinguishing feature of the new plafonds is...
  • New product MEZO LED
    The commercial offer of our company is constantly developed, so today we start selling another novelty. This time it is a portable luminaire MEZO LED 2W (Ideus code 04369), equipped with a rechargeable battery and motion sensor. MEZO LED 2W is dedicated to be installed inside cabinets, although certainly, in practice, it will find many more applications. The product does not...
  • New MONITOR LED lamp
    Today we start selling a professional MONITOR LED BLACK lamp (Ideus code 04378). It is designed for mounting on flat screen monitors, both those with a thick frame surrounding the screen and those with a narrow frame. Using MONITOR LED allows you to get light exactly where the computer user needs it, namely on the keyboard and the surface around it. The light is strong enough to...
  • New solar lamps
    Today we introduce very interesting new models of Strühm solar lamps to our sales offer: TULIA LED 0.2W BLACK WW (Ideus code 04370) and PELAGIA LED 2W NW (Ideus code 04371) are portable table lamps. First is made of polypropylene, while the second is made of stainless steel. TULIA LED 0,2W BLACK WW shines with a warm-white light color, while PELAGIA LED 2W NW shines with a neutral-white...
  • New products from the Strühm brand
    Today we start selling the following Strühm brand product novelties. The ASPEN series complements our range of luminaires, designed to be installed over a picture or mirror. Due to the construction ensuring high tightness, ASPEN series products can be installed (although, of course, they do not have to) in places with higher humidity, such as bathrooms. There is a choice of...
Attention! Your browser is no longer supported. Update it to ensure the best experience when using our site and access to the latest features.